Friday, June 18, 2010

International Friendship Games

In light of the World cup I thought I would pay tribute to my two home Countries :) Since I'm cheering for Mexico AND USA,(I spread the love) I decided to post about the International Friendship Games that I attended last month. Last month, Brent and I were asked by one of my sister's students to come photograph the International Friendship Games. The IFG's are a children's sporting event that are meant to bring together athletes from The United States and Mexico, promoting socio economic relationships between the two bordering Cities. (Chula Vista and Tijuana) Brent and I had a lot of fun at the event and felt a lot of energy down there on the field with all of the kiddo's ready to show off their skills! :)
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend in the sun! :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Sister!

This post is again late...but if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know things have been a little crazy. The last  couple of days were spent DEEP cleaning the house for the owner's to do an open house. But, more on that later. This week I wanted to share something that I have been wanting to blog about for a while. Last month, my sister Angie ran in her first MARATHON!!! YUP, that's right, you heard me... She ran 26 miles on her own will. Watching my sister train for this day was painful. I kept thinking "She's NUTS!" But then come race day, as I watched her cross that finish line, I was amazed. I mean, seriously amazed and PROUD! I don't know what came over me but I was so'd think I just finished a race! Y'all should run out and talk a loved one into running a's quite a rush cheering them on!! :) Anyway, I wanted to dedicate this post to my brave, strong, KICK ass sister. Angie, I'm so proud of you. One of these days I'll run a half with you!
This is another awesome sister. (There are 4 Guerrero girls in the bunch!)
Angie, you really ARE a ROCK STAR! I can't tell you how much I look up to you and how proud I am to be your baby sis! Love you, Sissy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Oliver and Sierra

I know, I know...Today is Friday!! I promise I did everything I could to get this post to you guys on Thursday, But my computer was just not having it. My Internet was simply not being a team player. Stubborn thing!! Anyway Here we are today, a day late. I was out watering the plants yesterday with the dogs rolling around in the grass when it dawned on me--I have talked about my love for my dogs on here at least a thousand times, but have not introduced them to the blog properly. So I dashed inside, grabbed the camera and took some quick shots of our two little monkeys. The first ones are of Sierra. Sierra Nevada(Also known as SiSi) is 7, going on 8 next month. (I believe? She is technically Angie's baby) Sierra is our protector. She is gentle and sweet with little ones and all people...but makes sure dogs passing by or strange sounds in the night know that she is there watching over and protecting us. I'm not gonna lie, I always feel safe at night when I'm alone in the house and I've got her in my bed! Sierra is patient with little hands that poke and stumble around her, and is always the one I can count on to set a good example to Oliver. She comes when called, sits when asked and always goes first at bath time. Her down fall: She does NOT like making new doggie friends...and she will put ANYTHING she finds on the floor into her mouth! These two things combined can make for a difficult walk when you have both dogs...and here is why: Next, there's Oliver Shy (Also known as Olie, Monkey and Cone Head). At two years old, Olie is the ultimate goof ball. He LOVES making new friends everywhere he goes. Including on walks. He HAS to say hello to absolutely everyone...dogs and people!  (Now do you see why it can be difficult when you have them both in your hands on a walk.) Oliver is our little lover. He is the best snuggle bug there is. Angie and I got Oliver as a puppy. He came to us as a super shy little nugget who was always hiding under tables and chairs. Hence his name: Oliver Shy. haha but to know him now, we are often asked why "Shy" is in his name...because he is far from that. He is the ultimate social butterfly. We can take him anywhere and never worry whether or not he will get along. He loves EVERYONE...and just about anyone who likes dogs loves him right back. Oliver and Sierra are so sweet and make my heart happy. I miss them when I am away from home and talk about them way too much!! They are our babies. And we LOVE them! :)
This is the beautiful SiSi. She is the epitome of the perfect lab, if you ask me!
Meet Oliver. Our adorable, goofy, lovable Golden Retriever.(who is trying to play with me as I type this very sentence) 
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend...It looks like its gonna be a beautiful one in San Diego! Maybe we'll take the monkey's to the beach! :D