Saturday, January 2, 2010

December Socal Photog Shootout--Claremont

OK, OK, OK...I know I am a tad bit late on this post...but, better late than never. Right? So way back in December of 09' ( ;D) Brent and I had the awesome opportunity to attend our first Socal Photog Shootout. I had never heard of this before a new friend recently told me about it at the Smugmug meeting we attended in November....and let me tell you guys, I am SO thrilled I went to that smugmug meeting and met Crystal and Catherine who told me all about this AWESOME shootout!!! I guess the best way to explain it to all of my many followers who don't know what this is (haha I know, I don't have many followers...but humor me!) Anyway, the Socal Photog Shootout is just a chance for a group of photographers to get together and horn in on their skill, learn from their peers, have the awesome opportunity to talk with some RAD pro's who I possibly blog stalk in secret....and simply spend the day going to different stations set up complete with models and all and shoot our little hearts out...posing the models however we want and getting different takes from the other photographers there!!! It's seriously SOOO awesome! I was crazy nervous to actually shoot with other photogs that I know are light years ahead of me right now...but it ended up being something I am absolutely in love with. It's such a fabulous tool set up for photographers to have at their fingertips!!! SO, back to what the Shootout is... (sorry, I get easily distracted) each month they have different Shootouts in different locations, with different themes...Decembers theme was "The Great Gatsby" and ok, if you know know the insane amount of cartwheels I was doin' in my head when I found this out. Cause, lets just say...I am obsessed with that book and the beautiful detail of that decade!!! SO I was in HEAVEN with the fab hair and makeup and wardrobe the models got set up in!! Everyone looked STELLAR!! I had a blast shooting my heart out, meeting FABULOUS photographers, and learning new tricks along the way!!! Its such a rad way to meet new people AND practice your craft at the same time!!! I would HIGHLY recommend all my photographer friends out there to attend the next one if they get a chance to!! SO, without further ado...Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the day in ADORABLE Claremont, CA!

I can hardly wait for this months shootout here in San Diego!


Brent Spirnak said...

The first one is my favorite of this set.

Anonymous said...

your best work to date :) will you fill me in on the details of the jan shoot out in san diego? i wanna go with you. xo Kaylee

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